FN-A5 High Cost Effective Chair

FN-A5 High Cost Effective Chair

Short Description:

*Down mounted or Mobile tray instrument tray

*Led reflective oral lamp (multiple function selection, one key anti curing, brightness adjustment, etc.)

Product Detail

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Structure Details

1). Touch sense assistant tray, strong&weak suction control switch with flow control.
2). Removable ceramic spittoon convenient for patients to use, easy to clean and disinfection.
3).LED dental light with digital display, can be controlled by induction or manually.
4).Double joint headrest,can be adjusted to a comfortable position at will
5).Cushion-type backrest provides comfortable and reduces fatigue.
6).Top Mounted instrument tray(touch sense panel dentist can operate with gloves)
7).6 in 1 multi-function pedal with foot hook device for easier and faster use
8).Standard doctor stool  Inclined 15°angle,making the doctor’s operation more convenient.

Product Details

Standard Configuration:
*Down mounted or Mobile tray instrument tray
*Led reflective oral lamp (multiple function selection, one key anti curing,brightness adjustment, etc.)
*Can be 180 ° rotary detachable disinfection ceramic spittoon
*Luxury hanging tool belt can be sterilize by high temperature silica gel pad
*Luxury injection cabinet


1.We spent more than USD300,000 to open the mould, you can see the dental unit with circulation design, looks very nice and elegant.
2.It with plastics-injected tech, much more superior than plastic-suction tech, plastic-injected tech:make the dental unit more delicate and compact.
3.With led dental operating light (with sensor to adjust the brightness, prevent pre-curing of the photocurable resin),
4.Water and air hoses are imported from US.
5.Taiwan motor, long lifespan and more stable than Danish motor
6.Solenoid valve imported from Italy
7. "S" shape for the sitting position, with recessed back position design, humanized design concept adopts the theory and method of 3D simultion and ergonoic design
8. Food-grade silicon tips for suction and saliva ejector, superior quality than aluminum tips, can stand up high temperature, and can be autoclaved, the cost price is twice higher than aluminum.
9. With touch screen instrumen tray, high sensitivity and high quality
10. With cheap and attractive price.

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