• Do you know the history of the dental chair?

    Do you know the history of the dental chair?

    Below are some tips for you: In 1970s, Dr. Josiah Flagg from USA invented the first dental chair. he modified a Windsor writing chair for use in his dental curing practice. This dental unit is a plain wooden chair with a padded headrest with a tray for equipment on the side. This is the prototype...
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  • Dental Implant Motors: If you choose the most suitable one?

    The choice of the implant motor is a very personal matter, since you must choose the device with which you feel more comfortable working. We have a simple implant motor with and without light, you can opt for as you need, If you were interested in an engine with more advanced functions, we also h...
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    Investing in Technology You may be thinking this all sounds very cool but should you get one for your office? Like I mentioned in the beginning, A lot of what I talk about may not necessarily have that return on investment. When it comes to technological investments, it really depends on how much...
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  • The Truth of Management

    The Truth of Management

    To supply better service and improve business level, our CEO and sales director attend an meaningful learning activity. Named “The Truth of Management” Dental products positioning and market development, it’s the main 2 points that we concern. The event increased the cohesion of middle managers a...
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  • DenTech China 2021

    DenTech China 2021

    The 25th China International Dental Device Industry Symposium Exhibition Time:November 3 to November 6, 2021 The Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall is proud to be the top core area of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and is the best choice for the achievement of a first-cla...
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  • We all together fight for COVID-19

    We all together fight for COVID-19

    The world has never faced a crisis like COVID-19. The pandemic is impacting communities everywhere. It’s never been more urgent to support the medical workers. In July 2021, NanJing was once again hit by help the shortage of medical supplies during the COVID-...
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  • 2020-05 ShangHai DenTech Exhibition

    2020-05 ShangHai DenTech Exhibition

    At the exhibition, there are many kinds of new products integrating high-tech, high digital. High-quality dental chairs can imperative you consider the features you need &the investment is made wisely. The right dental chairs will not only increase the comfort of you...
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  • Ungrade Dental Chair With Massage

    Ungrade Dental Chair With Massage

    In line with the historical development, we ungraded the massage function of the dental chair unit. An American dentist named Dr. Josiah Flagg invented the first dental chair in 1790.He modified a Windsor writing chair for use in his practice. This was a plain wooden cha...
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